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URISA Texas Membership Information

URISA Texas is a fully chartered chapter underneath URISA! As of 2018, URISA announced its “OneURISA” model to unify chapters and formalize their relationship with the parent organization. The model is consistent with many Professional Organization structures in that a new member becomes a member for both the parent organization (URISA) and their local Chapter (URISA Texas).

What this means for you:

    • If you sign up through URISA on their website, you can sign up to be a member of URISA Texas as well; at this time, URISA Texas is not charging any additional dues on top of the URISA fees
    • If you choose NOT to sign up through URISA, you will be considered a contact with URISA Texas, rather than a member; as a contact, you will still have access to attend our fun events (Mappy Hours, Speaker Series, Workshops, etc.)
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