GIS Analyst - Town of Prosper, TX

  • Friday, November 18, 2022 8:22 AM
    Message # 12994150

    The Town of Prosper is a community of 35,000 and growing at the northern edge of the DFW metroplex. We are currently a department of three (a Senior GIS Analyst, a GIS Analyst, and [this position] a second GIS Analyst) and are a typical local government Esri shop; i.e. running the ArcGIS stack with an implementation of ArcGIS Enterprise on-premise and ArcGIS Online for public consumption. Our purview is the entirety of Town operations, meaning, this job will touch a variety of industries and include: public safety, urban planning, engineering, public works (surface assets and underground utilities), parks and recreation, and community engagement. As a growing municipality, our department’s role is to build the digital foundation necessary for modern operations like asset management, integrating 3rd party business systems, and supporting the analytical needs of the Town.

    Our in-house GIS department is almost two years old so we are still in the process of building foundational datasets and setting up integrations. The job description is written in such a way as to accommodate recent graduates, GIS Technicians looking to move up, and GIS Analysts that want to be in a department where they are not shoe-horned into a single task and have full exposure to all municipal systems. The Town of Prosper does not provide relocation assistance.

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